AUTHENTIC Fresh Water Pearls directly from China!


Special custom order requests are available with only a 1-2 week turn around time. All you need to do is email your suggestions to us. We will place the order and let you know when your item arrives. Since Fresh Water Pearls are a recent addition to our inventory, please keep checking back to see additional styles.

We recently teamed up with a pearl farm in China to import directly so we can offer these Authentic Fresh Water Pearls at an affordable price. During a recent trip to China we met with the owners of this farm to select only the best quality and designs. There is no middle man. These Fresh Water Pearls come directly from the pearl farm in China.

Freshwater Pearl Buying Tips

A few simple tips to make your Freshwater Pearl purchase perfect!

1. Choose Freshwater pearls for their value and affordable price points. Freshwater pearls, available in 4 gorgeous colors are in the class of their own with. Our freshwater pearl necklaces are the best in the world and you will not likely find comparable quality at the local jeweler.

2. Choose White Freshwater Pearls when it is the first necklace, bracelet or earrings in the ladies jewelry box. White by far the most versatile, is like a chameleon - it will pick up the colors of the wardrobe and instantly complement it.

3. Choose Black Freshwater Pearls when looking for a strong and bold look. For those occasions when you need to add a little power to your look.

4. Choose Pink or Lavender Pearls if pink graces your wardrobe. You will love these pink pearls. Perfect for those with a tan and darker complexion.


NATURAL pearls are formed around an irritant, such as a grain of sand, that has found its way into an oyster or mussel without any assistance from a human being. When you come across these mollusks in the "wild" you will only very, very rarely find a pearl of commercial value inside their shells.
Down through history the rarity of these finds has of course been a major reason for the great value of pearls.
Today, most truly natural pearls you will come across are already part of antique jewelry. By far the great majority of all the pearls sold are cultured pearl. 


Pearls come in a rainbow of designer colors, which fall into four general categories.

Natural: : which include pink, peach, mauve, white, cream, and some grays.

Dyed: if it does not look natural and the string is the same color as the pearl it is a good bet its been dyed, many of these colors include teal, blue, purple, odd shades of pink, yellow, green, taupe, and brown. 


Pearls will last a lifetime and beyond as heirlooms for generations, if taken care of properly,

Pearls are relatively soft and can be damaged through scratching and exposure to heat and chemicals.

When putting on your pearls do so after you have applied your hairspray and perfume. Some of the chemicals in these products are harmful to your pearls.

Remove your pearls before showering or swimming. After you have worn your pearls wipe them with a soft cloth since the slight acid in your perspiration will affect the pearls over time. Store them in a cloth pouch or wrapped in a piece of cloth. Storing your pearls together with other jewelry without protection may scratch them since precious and semi-precious stones and most metals are harder than pearls. Do not keep them in a sealed plastic bag. Pearls need to breathe.

Prolonged exposure to direct heat or sunshine may dry and discolor pearls.

If you find it necessary to clean your pearls do not use ammonia based cleaners, detergents, bleaching agents or powdered cleaners. Also do not use abrasive materials, scouring pads or stiff brushes.

Simply wash the pearls in water with a mild soap and dry them with a soft cloth. Lay necklaces flat to dry. Do not hang or wear them when wet since this may stretch the cord.

Pearls benefit from being worn. Enjoy your pearls. 

Are They Real or Fake?

Here are a few guidelines and tests that may help you figure out whether your pearls are genuine meaning cultured or natural.

Experts suggest using a number of these tests on your pearls to best help in ruling out the possibility of fakes. No one assessment is fool proof, and certain tests are less successful with unusual types of pearls.

Tooth Test: Rub the pearls lightly across upper front teeth. Real Pearls should feel gritty or sandy Fake Pearls will feel smooth

Magnification: Examine the surface of the pearls with a magnifying glass.- see note - Real Pearls should appears unusually fine-grained Fake Pearls may appear grainy

Drill a hole in the Pearls: The examine the hole with a magnifying glass.- see note - The edges of the hole in Real Pearls are smooth and sharp The holes in Fake Pearls may may appear bumpy or ragged

Weight: Bounce the pearls in your hand.- see note - Real Pearls feels heavy to hold Fake Pearls should feels unusually light (unless they are solid glass beads)

Flaws: Examine the pearls for flaws and blemishes. Most Real Pearls will have at least minimal flaws If they appear absolutely flawless they are most likely Fake Pearls


The neaklace is beautiful and the shipping time was super fast..........................Minnesota

I am happy with the pearls and fast service, Hope to buy from you again .........North Carolina

 Below are pictures of the pearl farm we buy from in China.