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Cathie Mulder
The greatest challenge is in mounting the papercuts because they are so fragile and lightweight. After a lot of experimentation, I've found that the best way is to mount them on paper with an adhesive spray. Place the papercut face down on a sheet of waxed paper. Spray lightly from about a foot away, attempting to get an even layer over the entire pattern. Then peel it off gently and place it on the card stock, taking care not to let wrinkles form. If there is too much adhesive, the papercut will stick to the waxed paper and be difficult to remove. It's necessary to rinse the spray nozzle frequently under hot water to keep the spray fine.

Papercuts make beautiful greeting cards. It's possible to make a simple, elegant card by just gluing a single papercut to a folded piece of white card stock, but there are endless possibilities for creative variations. For example:

1. Experiment with different colors of card stock. Neutral colors and pastels work best without distracting from the papercut design.

2. Apply solid colored papercuts to contrasting paper, trim around that with scissors and then apply it to the card.

3. Add dimension and interest to the card by dry embossing the card first with a simple stencil such as flower, creating a background for a butterfly or other papercut.

4. Experiment with different textures of card stock.

5. Add simple lines and dots or other designs to the edges or corners of the card to "frame" the papercut. Satin ribbon along the edges of the card can also add a nice finish to the card.

6. Add another coordinating element to the card design (such as "yarn" to a cat papercut) to add visual interest.

Bookmarks by Cathie Mulder

1. Laminate small papercuts. Check at your local print shop to see if they do laminating.

2. Cut a smooth edge around the papercut.

3. Punch a hole with a paper punch.

4. Attach a ribbon or tassel.

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