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These great selections are hand-made by Miao people (one of minorities in central China and is famous for batik). 100% cotton. Great for hanging on the wall as an exciting focal point of your room. The basic process of Chinese batik (traced back to about 1000 years ago) is that the designs are painted on white cloth with warm bees wax, using a special knife. When the painting is done, the cloth is dyed (the original dye was indigo).

Stock #BTK164 Tribe Couple
Dragon & Phoenix w/Fireball
Size:31" x29"



Stock #BTK113

Dragon & Phoenix w/Fireball
Size:46" x 42"

$15.50  SOLS OUT


Stock #BTK114

Dragon & Phoenix w/Character FU (Good Luck)
Size:44" x 42"


Sold out!


Stock# BTK142  Zodiac Animals
Size:33" x 53"
 On Sale for $19.50


Stock#BTK138 Boy and Dog  Batik

Size: 32" x 27"


Stock #Demon Boating Medium Size
Size: 27" x 33"



Stock#BTK148  Batik

Size: 43.50" x44.50"


Stock# Tribe People

Large Size: 64" x 31"


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