What our customers say about our products:
  • I hate wearing shoes and they are the closest you can get to not wearing shoes. I love them!!! ----- Carrie Vine, TX
  • I don't want to wear anything else!! ----- Karen Dodero, MA
  • Fantastic shoes that fit like a charm. China direct store rocks! ---- Nicole T Poirier , AZ
  • These are the best shoes! I have ordered 7 pair! I live in them!!! ---- Lea Wall, OR
  • Wonderful, Marvelous, Stupendous, Great, Amazing, Spectacular, Splendid! What can I say, I love your shoes! ----- Linda Watson, M
  • I received the red brocade shoes on Saturday and have not had them off, what a delightful way to feel as if you are barefoot!!! ----- Elaine Wiles, NC
  • As you know I love these shoes, that's all I wear and I have very healthy feet!---Sara S. Canada
  • I just love these shoes excellent quality and very comfy will be back for more!---Heather Reinhardt, AZ
  • chinadirstore is the best company in the world!---Elin Love Ohman, Sweden
  • I have just finished placing an order with your phone representative, Christy Spring. It is a pleasure to do business with such an articulate and pleasant person. I often place phone orders and rarely do I deal with someone so well spoken and professional.She is a bonus to your business. Congratulations to Christy! Thank you for offering superior service!---Deirdre Robinson
  • Your squeaky shoes really are great - we purchased a similar red pair when we were in China late last year.  I was so sad that I had not bought more pairs of squeaky shoes, so when I found your store I was elated!  Our daughter loves wearing them - so much that she will ask to wear the ones that are too small just so she can squeak around.-----Erika S.
  • Xie xie! So cute and so comfy to slip into. I carry a pair in my bag! I want to be the Emelda Marcos of Chinadirectstore with 100 pairs!
    So happy is my downstairs neighbor I walk so softly! ----Jeanette M., IL
  • Love the shoes...now i know where my kids are at all times!!!!!
  • Thank you!  My son is almost 16 months....yes I wrote 16 months....and was
    just starting to take steps UNTIL I put on the shoes.  He fought me about
    the shoes but once I showed him what they did he hasn't stopped walking!  He
    loves them and even had to go to bed tonight with them on.  Again
    thanks....I'll be back to order the next size up.    Iowa
  • Dear Gayle: You were off today...hope you enjoyed your day.I spoke with Christy and we have my order now shipped.
    Thanks again for the help. 
    I don't know if I'll enjoy the shoes, but I sure enjoyed the customer service at your company;  it's not only been a pleasure, but I rate it exemplary. Please pass my comments onto whoever may care;  your customer service is rare in this day and age and hopefully, will be instrumental in restoring it to American, and other, consumers. Sincerely, Linda V.
  • I recently bought a pair of your squeaky shoes for my son and i just wanted to let you know how happy i am !  They are of good quality and fit him great. He loves them! Your shipping was fast, your communication was great and your prices are unbeatable! I am quite pleased and plan on telling all my friends about your site! Thanks again---Paula R.

    I cannot remember how many of these shoes I have bought from you for my son and now as presents for others. I LOVE THEM!!!! Thank you for a continued great service and this wonderful product! -----Christiane F. Sierra Vista, AZ 

    First of all the time of shipping was lightning fast.  I ordered the shoes on 4/7 and received them today 4/11.    Also the price of the shoes is very fair and shipping completely reasonable. This is evidence of excellent customer  service. Secondly, I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you have larger sizes of squeaky shoes.  I have two daughters adopted from China who are currently 3 years old and 17 months old.  While in Guangzhou in Sept. 06 we could only find one pair of squeaky shoes on all of Shamian Island that fit my 3 year old.  All the others were too small although we found plenty for the baby.  My three year old was ecstatic today when I opened the box, showed her the shoes, and placed them on her feet! My house is very loud right now with two pairs of squeaky shoes walking around; and I have two very happy little girls!  All thanks to your company!  I will recommend you to my friends and I will definitely by placing another order. Xie xie.------Angela C.l

    I just like you to know your mary janes are the best, they were my first order May '02 and the shoes are just now worn out, (my dog did eat one of red ones). I will be ordering at least 2 more when I can decide which ones I want. That is my only problem, deciding which ones I want!! If not for my husband I would have a pair in every color and style! Thanks again, and will be ordering again soon. 
    ps Your shoes are the only way I can feel as if I am going barefoot (which is the only way for me) and still have shoes on. Thanks again. Elaine W. from North Carolina 1/30/2008

    I HAVE to tell you. my husband bought me the 7 pairs of "Mary Jane" cotton shoes with the nice hard rubber sole and I am OVERJOYED. I have a severe problem with my foot and leg because of a disability I have and I was finding that when I wore "regular shoes" most days I would find myself having complete numbness in the side of my foot and up the entire leg. I had a pair of house slippers for a while that helped SO much and they ere made in the same style as the shoes we bought from you and I found that wearing them helped tremendously so after purchasing the ones from you I started wearing them almost exclusively. Wow! How comfortable and what a help they are!!! You've made a disabled lady very happy! I will approach my husband about leaving you feedback but I thought perhaps you'd like to use my letter in your ads so that people will know how great your product (and what a bargain!!) is! Blessings, my friend. I'm sure I'll be back for more when these shoes wear out!!-----IN, USA

    I ordered several pairs of these shoes because I've loved the style for years. I have feet that cannot wear most fashionable women's shoes for various reasons, but I have to say the quality of these is EXCELLENT and the shipping was really super fast. I've tried all the pairs I got and love them to pieces. I will definitely order again, and will refer your shop to other people. I love these shoes. Haven't had a need to contact customer service yet, but I am assured by other customers' reports that if I ever do, it'll be a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work and thank you! ------Starshadow artist and author www.starshadow.net

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